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Anatomy and NRG by Barco,  
Dickies, HeartSoul and Prestige
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style and size that we carry, we will match their prices.  Print your "shopping cart" or
the screen and bring it to our store.  Thank you for supporting your local businesses.

If you would like to order from our website, just click in special orders heading on top.  Look at different brands we offer from their
own websites which we have links.  Find the brand, style, color, prints and size that you want to order, call us or click in contact us on
heading, let us know what you want, we will respond and tell you the price and shipping fee.  If you are local and you can pick up
your order, there is no shipping charge.  We offer discounts depending on the amount of your order.  If you find lower prices out there,
show  them to us and we will match it (after our discounts).  Thank you!

*If you have been a customer with us for a day, days, months or years, come and get your loyal customer card, so every time you shop
with us, you receive a 10 % discount on our reg. priced items including uniforms, labcoats, shoes, medical accessories, supplies, etc  
(20% sale and clearance items do not apply and cannot be combined with other offers)
You can also use this card for special orders besides instock merchandise.   
Just show the cashier your loyal customer card before you pay so you can get your discount!   
Please tell others, they too can get a discount when they become loyal customers with us!
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Certainty Antimicrobial and Certainty Antimicrobial plus Fluid Barrier available in Infinity, Code Happy and Workwear Flex by
Cherokee and also now in Dickies EDS Signature Stretch, HeartSoul.  They are the next generation of scrub uniforms and labcoats!  
We already have the Infinity and Cherokee Workwear Flex with Certainty and Code Happy in our Palm Desert Store.  In Indio store,
we have the Infinity, Code Happy and Dickies with Certainty in our Indio Store.  . Be safe. Be smart.  Be certain.  

Our Indio store celebrated  its 12th year anniversary on May 27, 2016.  We have been in business since
2004.  Thank you for your continued patronage and support over these years!
We really appreciate your business!

Discounted Group Orders

We hope you will consider doing a group order because we offer discount, free
shipping/handling, and we even sort out your order - all you have to do is distribute them to
your staff!  Free gifts with your order while supply lasts!

What  brands do we carry in each store?

In Palm Desert,  we have:  Koi, Grey's Anatomy, and NRG by Barco, Cherokee Workwear (men and
women), Core Stretch , Luxe by Cherokee and Dickies' EDS, Xtreme Stretch and Generation Flex for both
Men and Women, Cherokee's Flexibles and Proflexibles, Infinity and Code Happy with Certainty.

In Indio, we have our newest brand, HeartSoul,  Koi, Grey's Anatomy, NRG, widest selection of Cherokee
Workwear, , Luxe, Flexibles, Proflexibles (including for maternity wear), Dickies' EDS,  Xtreme Stretch
and Generation Flex. We carry mens' scrubs in Cherokee Workwear, Luxe, Core Stretch, Dickies EDS and
Infinity and Code Happy with Certainty.  

In Palm Springs, we have Dickies EDS & Extreme Stretch, Luxe, Grey's Anatomy, Koi, Cherokee
Workwear with and without Certainty, Infinity, Orange, Dickies Signature Stretch with Certainty.

We always have clearance racks and 20% sale racks in Indio and Palm Desert stores!  

Please note our stores are closed on Sunday and major holidays:  New Year, Christmas, Labor Day,
Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Thanksgiving.

News on Littman stethoscopes
To all our customers who like to buy very cheap Littmann stethoscopes online, BEWARE, you might be buying stolen merchandise.  
There are a lot of scammers who pose like they are customers who order via email or phone to medical supply or uniform stores like us
and order a very big quantity of Littmann stethoscopes and pay with stolen credit cards.  We are warned by Prestige Medical and
Littmann companies to be aware of these scams that are going on a while ago now.  We actually almost got scammed twice already!

Please don't patronize these online sellers of Littmann that sells them at a very low price because if they do good business, they will
just do the scams over and over again.

From Marivic's Scrubs &  More
As always, thank you all for your business and continued patronage!  :)

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Cherokee Uniforms
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Marivic's Scrubs & More
Certainty provides long-lasting freshness and reliable protection against unwanted bacteria
on fabric.  Antimicrobial Benefits:
- Inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast, and algae
- Minimizes odors and stains due to bacteria  
- Prolongs the useful life of the garment


Our Palm Springs store is now closed for business effective 2/28/17.
Please come to our Indio and Palm Desert stores.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

For those who don't shop in our Indio or Palm Desert store, you can order from our catalogs on browse on this website.  

Just click on the brands.  You can request for catalogs and we can even deliver your order to your office.  Orders must be $50 or more.
If less than $50, please pick up in our PD or Indio Store.  Orders $200 (before tax) or more - receive 20% off, less than $200-$100 - 10% off.  
Click on contact us to order or call 760-401-5347 to place your order!

What to do with your Used Scrubs?

Bring them to any of our stores and receive up to 20% discount towards the purchase of your new scrubs!  (1 scrub top or pants = 1%
discount up to 20 scrubs maximum - get 20% discount, if you have more than 20 scrubs, then it goes back to one scrub = 1% discount - only
up to 20 scrubs at a time).  This offer cannot be combined with other discounts.  Must be in good condition to resell at our stores - 100%
proceed of the sale of these used scrubs will go towards scholarships for high school graduating seniors at our local high schools.  This
will be an on-going project for us to help seniors pursue their dreams of going to college!  Help us and we will help you save money!  For
those who don't have good condition, used scrubs, please buy these used ones to help us raise funds for scholarships!  Thank you very